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ASTROMAGIC v.12.6.01 MAY. 2024 - BugFix to read pixsize to WCS  
ASTROMAGIC v.12.6.00 MAR. 2024 - inserted SNR calculation in the dialog object window
ASTROMAGIC v.12.5.00 GEN. 2024 - Automatic redetermination of plate center coordinates for non-sidereal tracking image.
                                               and reload GAIA stars catalog if necessary
ASTROMAGIC v.12.4.03 GEN. 2024 - Fixed bug for asteroid position tracking after stacking
ASTROMAGIC v.12.4.02 DIC. 2023 -  Fixed bug for asteroid position tracking after stacking
ASTROMAGIC v.12.4.01 NOV. 2023 - optimized speed stack load image

ASTROMAGIC v.12.4.0 NOV. 2023- New realise  only  64 bit

ASTROMAGIC v.12.3.0 SEP. 2023 - fixed the bug for rotated and mirrored stacked images

ASTROMAGIC v.12.1.9 FEB. 2023 -  Optimized stack speed
ASTROMAGIC v.12.1.8 GEN. 2023 - Adding function Save All Image ( only beta test )
ASTROMAGIC v.12.1.7 GEN. 2023 - Bug Fix to  180 °  rotate image ( only beta test )
ASTROMAGIC v.12.1.6 DIC. 2022 - Stack to higth precision 10 or  20 subpixel   ( only beta test )
ASTROMAGIC v.12.1.5 SEP. 2022 -  Adding automatic indication of asteroid position on image ( only beta test )
ASTROMAGIC v.12.1.4 AGO. 2022 - Bug Fix read -32 bit image ( only beta test)
ASTROMAGIC v.12.1.3 LUG. 2022 - Optimized read 64 bit image ( only beta test)
ASTROMAGIC v.12.1.2 LUG. 2022 - Optimized read 32 bit image ( only beta test)
ASTROMAGIC v.12.1.0 LUG. 2022 - View Asteroid to vector Speed and Phase   ( only beta test)
ASTROMAGIC v.12.0.2 MAR. 2022 - Bug Fix to deallocate memory        ( only beta test)
ASTROMAGIC v.12.0.1 MAR. 2022 - Minor Bug Fix                                ( Only beta test)                    

ASTROMAGIC v.12.00 MAR. 2022 New 64 Bit Version     - New Stacking Funcion    (ONLY BETA TEST)                       
ASTROMAGIC v.11.05 JAN. 2022 - Bug Fix in the determination of background sky
                                        new algorithm for detecting the elongation of the stars
ASTROMAGIC v.11.04 JAN. 2021 - Minor Bug Fix in the button "-"  to finding Dialog mask
ASTROMAGIC v.11.03  JUL. 2020 - NEW access to the ephemerid service from the NASA - JPL HORIZON server
ASTROMAGIC v.11.02  JUL  2020 - beta test to access to the ephemerid service from NASA JPL HORIZON server
ASTROMAGIC v.11.01  MAY. 2020 Bug fix to Aligne all Image function - Bug fix WCS  auto orientation
ASTROMAGIC v.11.00 MAY. 2020 New function to read Star Catalog to VizieR Server
                                    Bug Fix save default parameter - Optimized altorithm to view image - Bug Fix and optimized algorithm to Stars Finding

ASTROMAGIC v.10.07  APR. 2020 modify algorithm to stretching view image
ASTROMAGIC v.10.06  APR. 2020 modirfy algorithm sky background
ASTROMAGIC v.10.05  MAR. 2020 optimized algorithm sky background - Bug Fix to Save default setup
ASTROMAGIC v.10.04  FEC. 2020 Bug Fix in the download from GAIA catalog for ghe min and max magnitude limit
ASTROMAGIC v.10.03  OCT. 2019 Bug Fix reading non standard format in to keyword DATE-OBS
ASTROMAGIC v.10.02  OCT. 2019 Optimized histogram stratching for Low dinamic images - New function save parameter to default
ASTROMAGIC v.10.01  OCT. 2019 New new possibility to use key "EQUINOX"  to convert coordinates to J2000
                                                 bug Fix to histogram stratching for very low dinamic
ASTROMAGIC v.10.01  SEP. 2019 New Funcion shows the ccd field obtained from imaged to ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey
ASTROMAGIC v.9.10  JUL. 2019 bug fix function Find Known Object
ASTROMAGIC v.9.09  JUL. 2019 change NeoDys URL web service to preview find the location of known asteroids
ASTROMAGIC v.9.08  JUN. 2019 introduction double click on the image (after matching) to view the data of a single catalog star
ASTROMAGIC v.9.07  JUN. 2019 Bug Fix - view cross Find Known Object
ASTROMAGIC v.9.06  MAY. 2019 Bug Fix in key reading DEC non-standard format
ASTROMAGIC v.9.05  MAY. 2019 change NeoDys URL web service to find the location of known asteroids
ASTROMAGIC v.9.04  MAY. 2019 Bug Fix in key reading RA and DEC non-standard format
ASTROMAGIC v.9.03  MAR. 2019 adding reading center RA/DEC to WCS  keyword - bug to very low sky background
ASTROMAGIC v.9.02  FEB. 2019 Bug Fix registration mask
ASTROMAGIC v.9.01 AUG. 2018 Bug Fix PPMXL  proper motion  correction
ASTROMAGIC v.9.00 AUG. 2018 New function for subframe astrometry

ASTROMAGIC   v.8.07 JUL 2018  bug fix PPMXL proper motion
ASTROMAGIC   v.8.06 JUL  2018  Redefine the array of float numbers using only 16-bit values  for very large images  
ASTROMAGIC v.8.05 JUN 2018 very important bug fix in cleaning .ast file
ASTROMAGIC v.8.04 JUN  2018  Increased maximum number of stars to 15000
ASTROMAGIC v.8.02 MAY  2018 bug fix find object type comet and  new function finds center coordinates from object name
ASTROMAGIC v.8.01 MAY. 2018  modify dialog box read stars catalog
ASTROMAGIC v.8.00 MAY. 2018  reading new GAIADR2 stars Catalog
ASTROMAGIC v.7.18 MAR. 2018  delete obsolete temporary files
ASTROMAGIC v.7.17 MAR. 2018  remake dialog find obj
ASTROMAGIC v.7.16 MAR. 2018  disabled reading obsolete object.xy file
ASTROMAGIC v.7.15 MAR. 2018  stretching to all images simultaneously  bug fix delete red-cross after the blink
ASTROMAGIC v.7.14 FEB. 2018  bug fix draw orientation -  new local sky background  - draw orientation dinamic
ASTROMAGIC v.7.13 FEB. 2018  new funcion  View Orientation on/off
ASTROMAGIC v.7.12 FEB. 2018  new graphic orientation
ASTROMAGIC v.7.11 JAN. 2018  optimized stratching  and new internal function  cleanpixel()
ASTROMAGIC v.7.10 JAN. 2018  cleaning the .ast file from lines containing (*) incorrect lines  
ASTROMAGIC v.7.09 DIC. 2017  bug fix dialog box edit_date_time  
ASTROMAGIC v.7.08 NOV. 2017  new funcion Edit_Date_Time  
ASTROMAGIC v.7.07 OTT. 2017  changed the reading  date and time for files with several conflicting keys  
ASTROMAGIC v.7.06 SEP. 2017  bug fix reading time  printf .... %06.3f  
ASTROMAGIC v.7.05 SEP. 2017  editing data and time to dialgo box reading star datalog
ASTROMAGIC v.7.04 SEP. 2017  proper motion correction to GAIA catalog
ASTROMAGIC v.7.03 SEP. 2017  distortion correction in reading coordinates for chips distanced from optical axis
ASTROMAGIC v.7.02 SEP. 2017  bug fix reading mag. ppmxl catalog
ASTROMAGIC v.7.01 AGO. 2017  bug fix orientation  
ASTROMAGIC v.6.87 MAY  2017  bug fix save setup
ASTROMAGIC v.6.86 MAY  2017  acontrol over selection of the default catalog
ASTROMAGIC v.6.85 MAY  2017  new function hotpixel   
ASTROMAGIC v.6.84 MAY  2017  minor bug fix   
ASTROMAGIC v.6.83 MAY  2017  bug fix image 16 bit   
ASTROMAGIC v.6.82 MAY  2017  new function Gradient
ASTROMAGIC v.6.81 MAY  2017  new function AutoFlat  
ASTROMAGIC v.6.80 MAY  2017  optimized algorithm sky background
ASTROMAGIC v.6.78 FEB. 2017  minor BUG FIX
ASTROMAGIC v.6.77 FEB. 2017  new parameter editing centroid setup
ASTROMAGIC v.6.76 FEB. 2017  bug fix to orientation  
ASTROMAGIC v.6.75 JAN  2017  new select default orientation
ASTROMAGIC v.6.74 JAN  2017  bug fix keyword  DATE_OBS
ASTROMAGIC v.6.73 JAN  2017  minor bug fix default path
ASTROMAGIC v.6.72 JAN  2017  minor bug fix  
ASTROMAGIC v.6.71 JAN  2017  new flag to force dimpix and rotation in to Setup
ASTROMAGIC v.6.70 JAN  2017  new function to save setup  .ini
ASTROMAGIC v.6.69 JAN  2017  adding dim pixel and default angle in to setup
ASTROMAGIC v.6.68 JAN  2017  new algorithm to find stars angle inclination
ASTROMAGIC v.6.67 JAN  2017  bug fix reading object
ASTROMAGIC v.6.66 DIC  2016  for inverted or specular images inverted or specular reading catalog coordinate
ASTROMAGIC v.6.65 SEP  2016  new algorithm sky background
ASTROMAGIC v.6.64 SEP  2016  bug fix to CCD SBIG ST6
ASTROMAGIC v.6.63 SEP  2016  insert "G" in the astrometric line when using the GAIA catalog
ASTROMAGIC v.6.62 SEP  2016  deleted icons not used
ASTROMAGIC v.6.61 SEP  2016  Minor bug fix
ASTROMAGIC v.6.60 SEP  2016  catalog USNOB1 no longer used
ASTROMAGIC v.6.53 SEP  2016  magnitude tipe "G" to GAIA catalog
ASTROMAGIC v.6.52 SEP  2016  new delete files header.mpc  and  mpc.mpc
ASTROMAGIC v.6.51 SEP  2016  new read GAIA catalog  -  new AR and Dec  to status barr
ASTROMAGIC v.6.50 AUG  2016  bug fix read DEC without +-
ASTROMAGIC v.6.44 JUN  2016  bug fix some KEYWORD
ASTROMAGIC v.6.43 MAY  2016  bug fix reading center field
ASTROMAGIC v.6.41 AVR  2016  new read WCS KEYWORD
ASTROMAGIC v.6.40 JAN  2016  bug fix file name with special characters  
new default "t" or "K" in to "observervation notes to tracking"
ASTROMAGIC v.6.39 OCT  2015  flag flip and mirror in to setup
ASTROMAGIC v.6.38 AUG  2015  new dialog finding start range
ASTROMAGIC v.6.37 AUG  2015  minor bug fix
ASTROMAGIC v.6.36 JUL  2015  new linear stretching full range
ASTROMAGIC v.6.35 JUL  2015  default stratching applied to all images
ASTROMAGIC v.6.34 JUN  2015  new read key OBJCTAR OBJCTDEC  and date formt gg/mm/aa
ASTROMAGIC v.6.33 JUN  2015  new editor MPC file
ASTROMAGIC v.6.32 JUN  2015  estraction optimal magnitude
ASTROMAGIC v.6.31 MAY  2015  new path astrometric (exe) file   
ASTROMAGIC v.6.30 MAY  2015  secondary aesthetic changes
ASTROMAGIC v.6.29 MAY  2015  new function to register the software
ASTROMAGIC v.6.28 MAY  2015  new precision format output
ASTROMAGIC v.6.27 MAY  2015  bug fix download to internet PPMXL catalog
ASTROMAGIC v.6.26 MAY  2015  editr header files mpc
ASTROMAGIC v.6.25 MAY  2015  new delete temporaney files
ASTROMAGIC v.6.24 MAY  2015  new compact name asteroid
ASTROMAGIC v.6.23 MAY  2015  new PPMXL catalog reading to internet
ASTROMAGIC v.6.22 APR  2015  stars proper motion correction
ASTROMAGIC v.6.21 APR  2015  bug fix view asteroid for rotate field
ASTROMAGIC v.6.20 MAR  2015  ignore stars with magnitude 0 in the search for the best measure
ASTROMAGIC v.6.19 APR  2015  new button to close all image
ASTROMAGIC v.6.18 MAR  2015  modified blink window
ASTROMAGIC v.6.17 MAR  2015  translation of all messages in English
ASTROMAGIC v.6.16 MAR  2015  new search NEO in the field to internet
bug fix view coordinate after matching
ASTROMAGIC v.6.15 MAR  2015  new function Internet search of asteroids or comet in the field
ASTROMAGIC v.6.14 MAR  2015  minor bug fix in to istogram - bug fix dialog matching zoom
ASTROMAGIC v.6.13 MAR  2015  dinamic allocate vector RA RD RX RY
ASTROMAGIC v.6.12 MAR  2015  new reading KEYWORD CD_1 and CD_2  in to CWS
ASTROMAGIC v.6.11 MAR  2015  new blink funciont auto full screen mode
ASTROMAGIC v.6.10 MAR  2015  small aesthetic changes to blink
ASTROMAGIC v.6.09 MAR  2015  enlarged the window in the blink function
ASTROMAGIC v.6.08 MAR  2015  minor bug fix to matching +-2 pixel
ASTROMAGIC v.6.07 MAR  2015  modified matching function with alternating test at 180 degrees rotation
ASTROMAGIC v.6.06 MAR  2015  automatic pre-rotation of the coordinates before the matching
ASTROMAGIC v.6.05 MAR. 2015  auto finding default path for executable files     
ASTROMAGIC v.6.04 FEB. 2015  minor bug fix reading KEY INSTRUME
ASTROMAGIC v.6.03 FEB. 2015  new reading of the image with rotation
  new algorithm internet reading USNOB1 catalog
ASTROMAGIC v.6.02 JAN. 2015  modified stretching to ignore large areas of vacuum in the histogram
ASTROMAGIC v.6.01 JAN. 2015  new editor file mpc
ASTROMAGIC v.6.00 JAN. 2015  New button to astrometry and ricentroid with a single pass
ASTROMAGIC v.5.86 SEP. 2014  BUG FIX editor field dialog box matching  new mode of shift x 10 with the ctrl key
ASTROMAGIC v.5.85 SEP. 2014  bug fix on the last value of stretching that sometimes remained gray
ASTROMAGIC v.5.84 JUN. 2014  the maximum number of stars taken from the catalog is increased  to 12000
ASTROMAGIC v.5.83 MAR. 2014  new function BINNING 2X2
ASTROMAGIC v.5.82 MAR. 2014  insert field dim pix (arcsec) to matching dialog box
ASTROMAGIC v.5.81 MAR. 2014  reading wcs data - bug fix stretching to low sky background
ASTROMAGIC v.5.78 FEB. 2014  new unique Blink function
ASTROMAGIC v.5.77 FEB. 2014  bug fix draw vertical ellipse
ASTROMAGIC v.5.76 FEB. 2014  new icon in to dlg_obj  - minor bug fix draw object - new button  + and - to zoom
ASTROMAGIC v.5.75 FEB. 2014  Bug Fix select primary objec
     new zoomin zoomout in to object dilog box object
bug fix usnob1 catalog reader
optimized blink function  
ASTROMAGIC v.5.74 FEB. 2014 new funtion draw ellipse
ASTROMAGIC v.5.56 JAN. 2014 BUG FIX for correction of center field for negative declinations
ASTROMAGIC v.5.55 JAN. 2014 BUG FIX keyword TU in to Key Exposure  

ASTROMAGIC v.5.54 DIC. 2013 BUG FIX boot with off-screen window
ASTROMAGIC v.5.53 Dic. 2013 new calc center field
    bug fix coordinate  < 0 and  > -1
    bug fix header .shf file
    bug fix circular stars   lung=0  width= real val
New dialog box astrometric file select tipe 1 2 o 3
ASTROMAGIC v.5.52 DIC. 2013 bug fix dialog box matching button + -  < > 180° bug fix read keyword DATASEC
ASTROMAGIC v.5.52 NOV. 2013 new dialog box matching and bug fix cursor arrows
new delete file .ppmxl
modified file .shf for round stars save size length = 0 width = 0
ASTROMAGIC v.5.51 NOV. 2013  bug fix load  mmAst1P.exe  
ASTROMAGIC v.5.50 NOV. 2013  bug fix full screen viewer  
ASTROMAGIC v.5.49 OTT. 2012  various calibrations
ASTROMAGIC v.5.48 OTT. 2012  mino  bug fix
ASTROMAGIC v.5.47 OTT. 2012  minor bug fix
ASTROMAGIC v.5.46 SEP. 2012  bug fix in dlg_matching
ASTROMAGIC v.5.45 SEP. 2012  modified search algorithm in matching for x and ynew algorithm to finding
ASTROMAGIC v.5.44 SEP. 2012  bug fix internal function of comparison distances
ASTROMAGIC v.5.44 AUG. 2012  introduced manual variation of matching parameters
    increased to 500 pixels the maximum length of streaked stars
ASTROMAGIC v.5.43 Jun. 2012  introduced magnitude limit internal funcion comparison vectors
ASTROMAGIC v.5.42 Jul. 2012  Bug Fix dimension pixel
ASTROMAGIC v.5.41 JUL. 2012  added possibility to manually change the result of the matching
ASTROMAGIC v.5.40 JUN. 2012  Bug fix in to finding dialog box
ASTROMAGIC v.5.39 Feb. 2012  new Finding Dialog Box -
ASTROMAGIC v.5.38 Feb. 2012  better control in creating coordinate files by avoiding the creation of empty files
ASTROMAGIC v.5.37 Feb. 2012  addition of scroll bar in to load catalog stars
       addition of scroll bar in finding   
ASTROMAGIC v.5.36 Feb. 2012 bug fix  sky background - possibility to load files with different extension  
ASTROMAGIC v.5.34 Jan. 2012 0.5 pixel in centering correction
ASTROMAGIC v.5.33 Jan. 2012  minor bug fix
ASTROMAGIC v.5.32 Jan. 2012  bug fix on the path selection PPMXL
ASTROMAGIC v.5.31 Jan. 2012  added path executable file in to setup dialog box
ASTROMAGIC v.5.30 Jan. 2012  READING the PPMXL catalog directly WITHOUT using ACCELERATOR FILES
ASTROMAGIC v.5.20 Jan. 2012  modified blink function adding modality cursor move and Ctrl
added multi tasking processing
modified some dialog box
added F11 function to fullscreen
added + and -  to change the speed blink
delete error stars before the second step of centroidm  

ASTROMAGIC v.5.12 Jan. 2012  new stratching algorithm
ASTROMAGIC v.5.10 Jan. 2012  new reader PPMXL catalog  

*******************************  RENAMED SOFTWARE IN  ASTROMAGIC   **************************

FINDER 4.027 Dic. 2011 bug fix
FINDER 4.026 Dic. 2011 new manual centroidM.exe  
bug fix  palette after matching
new salve file shf after matching ( delete star over field )
FINDER 4.025 Dic. 2011 new mark object while blinking
FINDER 4.024 Ott. 2011 new blink all image
FINDER 4.023 Ott. 2011 new blink to 3 image
FINDER 4.022 Ott. 2011 new flag "apply all img" in to istogram dialog box
  new edit key header  
  new copy header to clipboadr
FINDER 4.021 Ott. 2011 new Zoom - and button brightness and contrast funtion to Blink dialog box
FINDER 4.020 Ott. 2011  optimized matching algorithm - new range_slider_bar  in to istogram dialog box
FINDER 4.019 Ott. 2011   correct center coordinates for images with KEY DATASEC overloading
FINDER 4.018 OCT. 2011   new function save format jpg  and fits
FINDER 4.017 OCT. 2011   load only fits format
FINDER 4.016 OCT. 2011  new funcion to default dark e flat
     memory dealloc bug fix  in to fit_to_img()
     new timer in to dialog box to auto matching - close dialog after 1,5 sec.
FINDER 4.015 Sett. 2011  new dialog box  SETUP
FINDER 4.014 SEP.  2011  new Open & AutoMatching
FINDER 4.013 SEP.  2011  aggiunta possibilità di Multi files load
FINDER 4.012 SEP.  2011  BUG FIX - matching
 new min max  in fo finder dialog box
 new automatic background in to finding and button find all
 new status bar  
FINDER 4.011  AUG   2011  new stretching funcion - bug fix in to blink
FINDER 4.010  JUL   2011  new Load funcion x 4 faster
FINDER 4.009  JUL   2011  new header viewer funcion
FINDER 4.008  JUL   2011  new blink funcion
FINDER 4.007  JUN   2011  optimized Load funcion  
FINDER 4.006  JUN   2011  new istogram dialog box
FINDER 4.005  JUN   2011  new advancement bar
FINDER 4.004  JUN   2011  bug fix
FINDER 4.003  JUN   2011  bug fix
FINDER 4.002  JUN   2011  bug fix
FINDER 4.001  JUN   2011  new menu
FINDER 3.000  May   2011  First stabil graphic version
FINDER 2.003  May   2011  new  class img  
FINDER 2.002  May   2011  new  calss load file *.fits
FINDER 2.001  May   2011  First beta graphic version

********  NEW GRAPHICAL VERSION  ********************************************

FINDER 1.8.06  MAY   2011  new internal class usnob1
FINDER 1.8.05  MAY   2011  include all funcion to class img
FINDER 1.8.04  MAY   2011  increased to 5000 stars catalog  - new proper motion coordinate correction  
FINDER 1.8.03  APR   2011  BUG FIX to sferical coordinate  - bug fix  read  file .shf
FINDER 1.8.02  APR   2011  new funcion to stars dimension x y - Bug fix -  filter R B V  in to catalog USNOB1
FINDER 1.8.01  APR   2011  new funcion to read stars catalogo USNOB1 to disk
FINDER 1.7.04  APR   2011  new algorytm  to calculate star width
FINDER 1.7.03  APR   2011  bug fix - Max number to catalog stars load  
FINDER 1.7.02  MAR   2011  bug fix - image memory array allocation
FINDER 1.7.01  MAR   2011  modified matching algorithm reducing the number of comparison stars
FINDER 1.6.02  MAR   2011  modify algorithm to finding stars tilt  and eject false stars   
FINDER 1.6.01  MAR   2011  modified algorithm to sky background  -  bug fix  to return function fread
FINDER 1.6.00  MAR   2011  optimized algorithm to finding stars tilt
FINDER 1.5.00  FEB   2011  modify algorithm to finding stars tilt
FINDER 1.4.06  FEB   2011  automatic recognition of rotated images 180 °
FINDER 1.4.05  FEB   2011  new function to read star catalog USNOB to internet
FINDER 1.4.04  FEB   2011  new file format .coo  - adding  preview coordinate
FINDER 1.4.03  FEB   2011  new read keyword  UT  and  SYS-UT -  bug fix  block read bytes to internet
FINDER 1.4.02  JAN   2011  created object.xy file contains object name and x y coordinates
FINDER 1.4.01  JAN   2011  created header of the shf file by taking data from the .usnob catalog file
FINDER 1.4.00  SEP   2010  changed the format of the .coo coordinate file read from the Internet
FINDER 1.3.50  MAY   2010  load stars catalog coordinate to internet  
FINDER 1.3.00  FEB   2010  first test to matching
FINDER 1.2.00  OCT   2009  nuw function to search length and width of the stars
FINDER 1.1.00  MAY   2009  beta test stars finding in to fits file


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