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- Astromagic - Professional Astrometry Software  


The software allows the user to extract highly accurate astrometric measurements of sources from FITS images. In particular, its capabilities extend to frames exposed with non-sidereal tracking, and to images on which the target detection is elongated or trailed.

The Software is "work in progress " and subject to future changes.

Hardware and Operating System requirements
PC with 500 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM -   we recommend PC with 2 GHz CPU, and 8 GB RAM
running Windows system  32/64 bit  ( All version )

Features of the current version include:

  • Reads FITS (8, 16 and 32 bit integer files). The size of the images is only limited by the available memory.
  • Automatic image calibration (Dark Frame and Flat Field correction).
  • Blinking with automatic image alignment (2 or more images)
  • Zoom for image inspection.
  • Multi-Files automatic processing.
  • Automatic Istogramm Stretching.
  • Automatic reference star identification.
  • Access to NeoDys web site to identification NEO object.
  • Downolad the PPMXL catalog to disk
  • Download the PPMXL and GAIA_DR2  query reference star to internet
  • Automatic Matching
  • Astromety


Gianpaolo Pizzetti
The Italian amateur astronomer (b. 1961) is active in the development of astronomical software. He is part of the observational staff at the Serafino Zani astronomical observatory, where he leads the technology and computer section.

Dott. David J. Tholen
is an American astronomer at the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Hawaii (IfA). He hold a 1984 PhD from the University of Arizona, and specializes in planetary and solar system astronomy. Its routin are used for the part of the program astrometrics


We thank Dr. Marco Micheli of NEO Coordination Centre ESA astrometry expert asteroid without which it would be possible to carry out this software.

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